Save the Trees

Posted on Monday, March 02, 2015 by LEAD

Yuvaraj D Patil, a student at VSM Institute of Technology decided to protect the trees that his father had planted. Yuvaraj’s father planted trees on one hill of their village of Nitawade. With the help of the temple of Nitawade, Yuvaraj’s father was able to plant 250 trees. However, animals constantly destroy these trees. That is why, Yuvaraj along with his LEAD teammates Pramod Hukkeri and Akash Kalage decided to organize this project. With the help of received and raised funds of 600 rupees, Yuvaraj and his team were able to cure the trees and make a stand for each tree to bind them together for further support. Yuvaraj sees many advantages of this project, as the trees will be protected from animals, the air will be clean and the hill will look good again.

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