ART attack by LEADer Maruti

Posted on Tuesday, April 07, 2015 by LEAD

“Drawing is an exercise for a restless imagination”
--Tim Burton

Children have great potential and their energy needs to be channelized. Drawing is gives a platform for children to express themselves and fills them with a positive energy.  Hence LEADer Maruti and his team
from Suvarna College who believe that art is the best form of expression conducted drawing competition for children at orphanage.

They named their LEAD project as "ART Attack" and through this project they aimed at creating awareness about environment among children along with giving them a medium of expression. 

They conducted this drawing competition at AIM for SEVA orphanage with the theme of Environment. Children drew birds, trees etc and expressed their understanding of nature.

LEADer Maruti who is happy about his successful completion of the project says “Through this project, I learned how to manage the team and communicate with team members and with everyone”. He also thanks his teammates Manjunath, Jyothi, Neelangouda, Savita, Sumitra, Savithri, Divya, Sudha, Manjula, Kwaza and Kumar.

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