LEADer Praveen's Initiative to Reduce Plastic Usuage

Posted on Tuesday, April 07, 2015 by LEAD

Plastic is a creation of man. It comes in all size and shapes and serves multiple purposes. No matter how much these plastics benefit mankind; we cannot deny the fact that it is harmful to environment. Plastics being non biodegradable will continue to be on Earth for several years disturbing its Eco system.

LEADer Praveen of Shepa College, Varanasi, loved nature and felt responsible for the status of Earth. He observed the harmful effects of plastics. He noticed cows consuming food which was thrown in polythene bags. Sometimes, accidentally the cows used to consume plastics which used to affect their health. This disturbed him. Hence he thought of doing his bit to reduce plastic usage in his town.

He took up a LEAD project of educating children about harmful effects of plastic and teaching them how to prepare hand bags using. The paper handbags could be used in place of plastics and will serve as Eco friendly bag. Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizen. Educating them about the harmful effects of plastics and creating awareness about plastic is same as creating healthy tomorrow. 

LEADer Praveen completed this project all alone. His determination and dedication is praise worthy. Praveen’s initiative highlights the power of one man army.

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