Smart bus by LEADer Harish

Posted on Tuesday, April 07, 2015 by LEAD

LEADer Harish, a student of KHK college who was a participant of LEAD Prayana 2015 participant was motivated to achieve something at his field of expertise. He noticed the poor safety of road in India and increasing accidents. Therefore he thought of contributing to society using his technical knowledge. He created a smart vehicle with wireless charging, automatic dim and dip of headlights and safety system for drivers of vehicles. This would ensure the safety of the
The detailed description of his project is

1.WIRELESS CHARGING SYSTEM: This feature is for battery operated vehicles, the operation works on the principle of MUTUAL INDUCTION where the two copper coils are used to create current using magnetic flux. The primary coil is fixed in the parking station or on road and secondary coil is fixed in the chassis of the vehicle; there will not be any connection between the coils. The output of the current is taken from secondary coil.

Working:  AC current is passed to the primary coil through the relay and whenever the secondary    coil comes in contact with the primary coil the magnetic FLUX is cut  down and the current flows to the secondary coil and from it, the battery of the vehicle will be charged.

2. AUTOMATIC DIM AND DIP: This feature can be used at night . LDR(light resisting diode) is used as the sensor, the two LED LIGHTS one for dim i.e low beam and other for dip i.e high beam lights are used.

Working : The vehicle, while traveling at night, senses vehicles coming from opposite direction dims its light. The purpose of this is to avoid accidents.

3. SAFETY SYSTEM: The safety system works on the principle of RACK AND PINION mechanism. Here the trolley is used to pull the driver and passenger’s seat when vehicle is hit in an accident.

Working : When an accident occurs, the driver seat along with the passenger’s seat cabin will be pulled backward by collapsing the forward motion. The model has push-to- off button in front of the bus which acts as the protector; it resists the vehicle which is hitting. After hitting the sensor senses the force at which the accident has happened and pulls back the seats backward and it saves the 80% OF LIFE of drivers.

Harish had great success with this project. He was appreciated by BOSCH company GM, Bangalore. The model also won a prize in State level Technical exhibition “Do it Yourself” which was organized by BTE Karnataka.


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