SIET Coimbatore Initiative of Cleanliness

Posted on Monday, April 06, 2015 by LEAD

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” is a quote. Keeping your surroundings and house clean is equal to a prayer, because a clean environment gives a person peace of mind and enthusiasm to do work. Cleanliness is even encouraged by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi through his Swach Bharat Abhiyaan. 

Today with growing population, waste management is a challenge. The best solution to it is dealing with the waste at grass root level itself.  LEADer Asuba Priya noticed this problem and thought of giving a meaningful solution.  It is then that LEADer Asuba Priya came up with a model for the waste segregation. She selected a nearby Village called Chinniyampalayam near Coimbatore and created a model village which stands as an example for other villages.
 She requested each and every villager to segregate the waste into bio degradable and non biodegradable at their home itself.  She educated villagers about importance of cleanliness and its impact on the environment.  She even provided people with waste bins required for the segregation.

This project was even supported by SIET College Coimbatore. They mentored her and helped her to raise fund of Rs 70,000. The Panchayat and members also helped the team in this project. There were 4000 direct beneficiaries and 1000 indirect beneficiaries from the project. The project duration was of  total 6 months. Initial 3 months was spent for distribution of bins and next 3 months were spent on monitoring. Now the distribution phase is completed and the monitoring phase is in process.

The project was appreciated by the college, friends and the village Panchayat for taking such a broad initiative for the improving the locality which the team belonged to. 

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