LEAD Valedictory 2015 at Nizamabad

Posted on Monday, April 06, 2015 by LEAD

LEAD Program was first introduced at Nizamabad in September 2013. Since then, 661 students have been reached and 315 Projects have been completed. In this academic year of 2014-15, 225 projects have been completed and Valedictory function is celebrated on 1st April to commemorate the hard work, innovation and achievement of young leaders in this particular year.

The Valedictory Ceremony began with LEAD project exhibition to the delegates Mr. Naveen Jha, C.E.O of Deshpande Foundation and Ms. N. Sharada, Women Entrepreneur from Nizamabad. They were impressed by LEAD Leaders Project and boldness of the students and confidence with which they explained their idea and their project.

Later, the chief guests addressed the students. Mr. Naveen Jha motivated the students to take up challenging tasks and exhibit leadership skills and contribute to the betterment of the society.
Ms. Sharada appreciated students for their hard work and she told them that they can approach her for any support. She assured them that she would do her best to guide them and help them in their endeavors.
Students who recieved awards were 

The program was attended by 300 students.The major project of  LEAD Nizamabad for the year 2014-2015 that has contributed immensely to society are ‘Aksharadeepam’   and ‘Build and Help’.  Aksharadeepam is an initiative by LEADer Sathya Phanindra to educate the children of slum area. He has even appointed teachers to train them. “Build and help” is a LEAD project of LEADer Kalyan Chakravarthy   where he collected funds to educate children who would otherwise involve themselves in begging.

LEADers dispersed from the venue inspired to take up  bigger challenges and to make a greater impact.

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