Books provided by LEADer Nitin

Posted on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 by LEAD

Learning is fun when it is taught in a right way. Little children are usually hesitant to go to school due to the fear of separation from parents or fear of teachers. They can be brought to school only by making school a joyful place where learning is not tiresome but an easy and happiness creating process.

LEADer Nitin Tripathi of Shepa College, Varnasi wanted to bring smiles on the face little children. So he visited a government school in his neighborhood. There, he interacted with kids of lower kindergarten with an intention to understand their mindset. Then, he taught them how to operate laptop. Through this he built rapport with them and established friendship.

He took up a LEAD project under Ek Soch Sandbox, Varanasi to help those kids. “The interaction with the little kids made me and my friends happy. It inspired us to do something for them” says LEADer Nitin. With this thought, Leader Nitin and his team set out to raise funds.

With the amount collected, they bought illustrative books for the children and distributed it among them.  They distributed the books among children at the school and filled them with happiness.

“In the coming days, I will visit the school with new ideas to teach children and make them love school and studying “ says enthusiastic LEADer Nitin.

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