LEADer Pundaraja's Mobile Detector

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 by LEAD

Mobile phones have become the device of the generation. Mobile phones though small in size come with endless features and applications which make life very easy. From chatting with friends to playing and reading books, everything can be done using mobile phone. In spite of its advantages, mobile phones have a downsides too. Especially students who are the maximum users of phone tend to misuse it. There are high chances of students using the phone in class rooms and exam rooms and involve themselves exam malpractices.
A LEADer Pundaraja of Maratha Mandal Engineering College sensed this problem and took up a LEAD project to solve the problem. Thus he worked on the same and came up with a solution. Being a technical student, he designed a device that would detect mobiles in its vicinity. He built the device using transformers ,diodes, ic7812, IC socket,CA3130 opamp, resistors, capacitors ,LED , nuts and bolts, copper wire.

This device when detects the radio waves of mobile phone network and the LED light of the device blinks. The device designed by LEADer Pundaraja detects mobile up to range of 3m. His project was appreciated by everyone. He even won “Best Technical Initiative” in LEAD Valedictory 2015 at Belgaum.

Motivated by the continual support of LEAD, Pundaraja is currently working on increasing the mobile detecting range of the device.

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