Syntax Siren of LEADer Shivaprasad

Posted on Wednesday, April 01, 2015 by LEAD

Water is the most important resource for the survival of mankind on Earth. Only 3% of total water available on Earth is fresh water. Hence Water is precious and needs to be used wisely to save it for future use. 

LEADer Shivaprasad of Rural PVT ITI College Nargund noticed that water was being wasted at his home and neighborhood while water was being raised from underground tank to syntax through a pump. The syntax tank once filled used to overflow until the house member noticed the flow and switched off the pump.  The wastage of water troubled him and he thought of coming up with an innovative idea to solve this problem. Thus he took up a LEAD project.

LEADer Shivprasad with his teammate Devraj made a Syntax siren which would buzz when the syntax was filled with water and thus would act as an alarm to the house owners and remind them to fill the switch off the pump. 

LEADer Shivaprasad and Devraj used a battery, a wire, plywood and a buzzer to prepare his device, The plywood is connected to the wire which is in turn connected to battery and buzzer.  The plywood is placed on thermcoal.

Thermacoal will be floating on water and once the water is filled in the syntax, the plywood hits the top of the tank and wire on the plywood gets connected making the buzzer active. In this way it alerts the owner to switch off the pump.

LEADer Shivaprasad spent only 100rs/- for this project and is effectively saving several liters of water. He has even succeeded in making all the houses in his neighborhood to get this device to their tanks. This LEAD project of his turned out to be huge success. He is selling this device at a cost of Rs 300/- per device and earning profit of 200rs.

LEADer Shivaprasad is delighted with successful implementation of his project and said that he lacked motivation to implement his ideas but with LEAD, he got a platform and required guidance to turn his ideas into action.  

LEADer Shivaprasad says “My vision is to become an entrepreneur. This project is a baby step to my dream. I am planning to implement  few more ideas and turn my dream into reality.”

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