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Posted on Thursday, May 07, 2015 by LEAD

Today’s Children are tomorrow’s citizens. The direction of tomorrow is decided by what we teach children today. To build a world of stronger leaders, it is essential that we expose children to leadership qualities and solving social problems around.  Understanding this, LEAD Youngstar is working on the same. It is helping children to nurture leadership qualities in them.

LEAD has spread among the children of Nizamabad and they took several initiatives of spreading the awareness about social problems. A set of energetic children of 9th std under theLEADer G. Badiri with his team N. Likit, J. Nanda Kishore, Sairaj, J .Sagar, K. Bhairava did leadership project on Water conservation. They visited 4 families in Vinayakanagar and spoke to them about Water conservation and made them understand how each drop of water is precious. They used charts to present their thoughts in a better manner.
Another set of students in took up a project on Air pollution and their preventive measures.  The LEADer of this project was Areeba of class 7. Her team members were K. Ashish, P. Sampath Kumar, M. Kedhar, J. Mouna, R. Aishwarya. They visited several homes in Vinayakanagar and told them about the air pollution and its drastic effects on environment. They also enlightened people about the ozone layer depleting and requested them not to cause air pollution and plant more trees.
The third group of class 8 decided to create awareness about women empowerment. Hence they took up the project of creating awareness in their locality by visiting homes and convincing them through charts to respect women and empower them to take decisions of their life. They requested everyone to save girl child and educate them. The leader of this project was K.Pranathi Kavya who did this project with her team Fathika, Karan, Manya, Manasa.
Another team of children of class 8 worked towards conservation of Water and avoiding water pollution. The LEADer of this project was LEADer S. Jathin and team mates R. Nandini, N. Akshaya, P. Pooja, M. Poojitha. They visited several houses and tried their best to convince them not to waste water.

The projects of children was appreciated by the localities. These initiatives of children is a hope of a better tomorrow and a better future. It is a beginning of new era of LEADers.

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