LEADer Asuba Priya's initiative of leadership camp

Posted on Friday, May 08, 2015 by LEAD

Asuba Priya is an active girl who has been inspired by ideologies of LEAD and has been taking challenges one after another to develop her leadership skills. Her recent LEAD project demonstrates her commitment towards building a country of Leaders. LEADer Asuba Priya who believes leadership qualities are essential for successful life and can be developed very early in life did a LEAD project of conducting a leadership camp for students of standard 11.

LEADer Asuba Priya conducted two day camp at Nikita Matriculation School, Coimbatore on 5 and 6 of March. For this camp, she acquired LCD Projectors and took a session for students at classroom provided by the school.  22 students attended this camp. She involved students in creative activities, skits, debates and games which enabled them to know more about themselves.  The activities energized students and highly motivated them. They requested Asuba Priya to conduct sessions every month.

Teaching and interacting with students younger than her, was a new experience to LEADer Asuba Priya. LEADer Asuba Priya says “Handling students needs lot of patience. Dealing with students in classroom activities was a new challenge to me and I am glad that I did this project.”

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