My Story: Pavan Bajantri

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2015 by LEAD

Pavan Bajantri( E&C, Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi)

Ability to handle the crowd, motivating his team members and being punctual are few important skills a leader should develop.

Right from my childhood, I was passionate about cricket and dreamed of becoming a cricketer. I got the opportunity of realizing my dream when I moved with my family to Belagavi from Haliyal.  I represented my school in cricket at regional level and thereafter, I got the chance to play in several matches.

I was enjoying my journey with cricket when suddenly I had to discontinue cricket and quit my team due to back bone injury. This broke me and hurt me deeply. I loved cricket very much and wanted to become a great cricketer. My dreams were shattered and I felt disappointed. I did not want anyone else to feel the pain and suffer like the way did. It is at this moment, I decided to help and encourage students who wanted to grow in sports. I wanted to support children who aimed high. However I didn’t how to go ahead with my desire. 

LEAD, LEADers Accelerating Development Program was introduced at my college and I got inspired by the idea of contributing to the society. I spoke to few of my seniors to understand the working and support provided by LEAD.  Then, I joined LEAD to realize my dream of teaching sports to school kids. I started coaching them in playground of our college. Initially, 50 students came forward but I selected only 25 out 50 by assessing their commitment and dedication towards sports. I coach these students early in the morning in various sports as cricket, swimming and athletics. The experience of 8 months of coaching children has brought me inner satisfaction. This project has also won me “Best initiative in Sports category” in Belagavi LEAD Valedictory 2015.

Apart from sports coaching, I have taken up several challenges under the guidance of LEAD. To mention a few: 

1. Along with my team, I celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi by making people understand the importance of non violence. I made 500 students take oath on being non- violent.

2. My team and I together celebrated Lal Bahadur Shasrtri Jayanthi. Lal Bahadur Shasthri was  India’ second  Prime Minister and a great leader. To enlighten students about the great leaders of India, I celebrated Lal Bahadur Shastri’s birthday  with blind orphans.

3. I celebrated Bhagat Singh’s birthday also, the legendary hero who devoted his life for the freedom of our nation.

4. I also did a project of cloth donation where I collected clothes and donated it to Goonj. Goonj is an organization which works at grass root level for the upliftment of the downtrodden people.
5. Celebrated International Women’s Day by appreciating women who are working hard and contributing immensely to the development of the society.

Another major project which got me appreciation was applying radium to railway gates. The purpose of this project was to make the railway gates visible in the darkness of the night.  This initiative got me “Best Initiative to Safety Award” at Belagavi LEAD Valedictory 2015.

At LEAD Valedictory 2015, I was also promoted as LEAD Ambassador to motivate and guide young LEADers of my college.

My experience with LEAD has been enriching. It has taught me to be bold, courageous and to work hard towards my goals.

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