Stopping Dehydration among beggars, an initiative by LEADer Seeresh

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2015 by LEAD

Summer is extremely hot in most parts of India. Hundreds of people die due to summer strokes and dehydration.  The people suffering from summer strokes are usually those who work  in the hot sun without consuming ample amount of water.

LEADer Seeresh Wali  of Kalaburagi, a region where temperature reaches up to 40 degree Celsius during summer  got concerned about the beggars in his town who used to sit outside temples and beg for most of the day.  LEADer Seeresh was worried whether they were consuming sufficient amount of water. Therefore with an intention to contribute to the well being of poor beggars, he took up a LEAD project. 

Under the guidance of LEAD , he interacted with the beggars, inquired about the time spent in the hot sun and amount of water consumed by them.  Understanding their duration of exposure to sun and their lack of awareness. He designed his approach to make their lives better. Firstly, he created awareness among beggars to consume sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration. Next step LEADer Seeresh Wali along with his team Reshma, Shivani, Neha did was to give electrolyte and water to beggars.

LEADer Seeresh “It was challenging to convince beggars about our intention and make them accept electrolyte from us.”

Through this project LEADer Seeresh and his team learnt the hardships faced by the people working in fields  and problems faced in convincing people.

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