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Development and Entrepreneurship in Science & Technology is extremely important to take India to greater heights. Technology is the savior of all hard times. Hence with the perspective of encouraging entrepreneurship in technical field, an event Talaash was organized at KLE Institute of Technology by LEADERS of LEAD program, Deshpande Foundation. The event was held successfully on 7th May 2015. This was the second time the event was organized by LEADers of LEAD.

The aim of TALAASH was to identify students with a desire to convert their technical ideas into a start-up and then, support them with seed fund of Rs. 3,00,000/- and Incubation.

The event TALAASH was supported by LEAD and Sandbox startups of Deshpande Foundation along with KLEIT and nanoPix of Hubballi.

The judges of TALAASH were Mr. Deepak Dhadoti (Founder, Servo Controls, India), Mr. Naveen Jha (CEO, Deshpande Foundation), Mr. Sasi Sekar Krish (CEO, nanoPix), Dr. Basavaraj S Anami (Principal, KLEIT).

TALAASH had received 200 applications/ideas from 23 different cities and 37 different colleges’ across Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Greater Noida, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Telangana. Out of 200, top 85 ideas were shortlisted for the second round. The selected students were asked to present their idea in the nearest TALAASH screening locations viz., Hubballli, Belagavi, Davangere, Vijayapur, and Kalaburagi. Top 30 teams were further selected to showcase their prototype in the final event on 7th May at KLEIT, Hubballi.

Top 3 Ideas were chosen among all the presented ideas. They were awarded with a seed fund of Rs. 1,00,000/- each from nanoPix Company and incubation support from Deshpande Foundation’s Sandbox Startups. 

 The top three award winners were :


Mr. Sharad Patil from KLECET Belagavi won for his idea of Mobile Dry Seeder.

Mr. Niranjan Karagi, Angadi Institute of technology, Belagavi won for his idea of Hydrogen Kit for Vehicle.



Mr. Harshavardhan Mamledesai of BVBCET, Hubballi won for his idea for MARC-I.


The details of the models which have won prizes are as follows:
Mobile Seed Dryer:

This device was designed to overcome the conventional way of sowing seeds by hand.  Sowing seeds by hand is tedious for the farmers when it comes to large acres of fields. The MOBILE DRY SEEDER works in such a way that the seeds can be fed to the soil in optimum quantities and at the required place. It minimizes the wastage of seeds. With this device the farmers can carry almost 15kg of seeds/fertilizer in one trip without burdening their hands to carry the weight.  

Apart from seeds, this device can also be used to add fertilizer to the plants. Another advantage of the fertilizer is, this is not bulky and inexpensive. Hence the device is farmer friendly.

Hydrogen Kit:
This is a device which increases the efficiency of vehicles by 30 %. It taps the power hidden within water to fuel the vehicles.  In earlier cases, hydrogen fuel container used to increase weight and cost of the vehicle. So, it was a challenge to achieve desirable driving ranges.

 To overcome these limitations, hydrogen kit has been designed. It uses the process of electrolysis to separate hydrogen and oxygen .This hydrogen and oxygen is fed to engines .Hydrogen gas is highly flammable and will burn in air at a very wide range of concentrations between 4% and 75% by volume so which helps to produce the power required to run the engine. Benefit of using hydrogen as a fuel is that a complete combustion takes place as compared to the gasoline engines. This results in increase of engine efficiency and 30% more output from the engine.


MARC-I is a medical wearable device targeted at developing nations middle class people who suffer from unexpected traumatic events leaving them with the need of leg rehabilitation. This works as an artificial leg. It provides support to legs through belts which in turn is connected to servo motors. Servo motors work on the principle of hydraulics. Marc I support the individual to walk when an individual applies slight pressure on the leg to walk. 

The MARC-I makes an individual independent in an affordable manner.

TALAASH 2015 concluded with three new entrepreneurs to our country who would make great impact to the world as a whole. This event has created lots of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs and young leaders.

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