First LEAD Activity for Akanksha

Posted on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 by LEAD

LEaders were so much excited that they had already visited the nearby areas to identify the problems in order to fix the solutions for them under the guidance of Ravi.

LEaders were then given charts and were told to share the ideas that they had observed and to my surprise each and everyone had an amazing ideas which they presented them in the charts. 

In order to start up and have them realize the basic leadership qualities, the students were divided into 21 groups of two each and were given the challenge of “Fix It”, where in students need to identify the basic problems in and around and resolve the problem. Initially they were little worried about what to do and how it is possible without the plan but when they were given a challenge they accepted it willingly and could complete 68 initiatives in just 2 hrs like closing the man holes, Placing dustbins in the park near Akshaya Plaza, Placing boards for the class rooms near airport road and many more and they also presented the ideas with their respective team members about the planning, challenges and the strategies they implemented in resolving the problems.

LEaders were asked to debate on the topic; “ Education is important or it is not important” with the purpose to remove their hesitation and fear so that they will open up and be care free to participate in the LEAD initiatives. Everybody actively spoke up and was then told about the opportunities that was given to them in common and how they utilized it. 

The day was then concluded with documentation of the initiatives where each and everyone did it and submitted it to Chetana coordinator of LEAD.
Indeed the day was truly enjoyed by each and every one of them with the support of Ravi and Chetana from Akanksha.

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