LEader Shreedhar, BITM College, Bellary

Posted on Friday, December 11, 2015 by LEAD

We often come across instances when we see people being deprived of their essentials. In a world where the rich enjoy the luxuries of life and live in comfort, there are many who are not as fortunate. In one such case, a bus stop next to the government hospital in Bellary was found to have no facility for the passengers to sit on. When Shreedhar HS, a student of BITM College noticed this, he immediately wanted to do something about it. He decided to set up wooden benches at the stop to provide travelers a place to sit.

Shreedhar and his team took up this project with the objective of providing comfort to people even in public places with the availability of basic facilities. The team immediately started their inquiryabout the expenditure they would incur for the project. They were provided a fund of Rs.400 by LEAD while they managed to raise another Rs.400 on their own within a day. Once the amount was collected, the students started working on making the benches. After visiting several shops and thorough negotiation, they managed to buy quality plywood, transported it to the place of implementation and co-ordinated well to build the benches by themselves.They not only built the benches but also polished them to enhance the look.

It was a pleasant sight to see the citizens including patients from the hospital who traveled by the bus using these student-made benches immediately after. Shreedhar and his team were successful in achieving their goal and made their contribution towards making a people around them happy. Shreedhar expresses the personal happiness and satisfaction that he received through this project. He also developed his communication skills and management skills.

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