LEader Sushma, K H Patil GFG College Hulkoti

Posted on Monday, December 21, 2015 by LEAD

Three girls from Hulkoti, led by Sushma Chitt took up an initiative to extend their services to the society by conducting a half day workshop at a primary government school in the village recently. Along with her friends Pavitra and Kavita, Sushmita worked as a team and engaged the students of this school in various recreational activities which were creative and fun, making it interesting for the participants. Sushma, a student of K H Patil GFG College in Hulkoti believes that childhood is the most beautiful phase of one’s life. The lessons we learn in our childhood stays with us throughout. Realizing this, she initiated the idea of building a society of leaders through empowering and educating young students. The workshop saw a participation of 30 students who are the future of our nation. LEAD foundation funded the workshop to provide financial assistance to the team.

The project had a two way benefit. While on one hand, it helped the students to boost their skills, it also helped Sushma to build her leadership qualities and earn more confidence. According to the girls, among many other, the most important lesson they learnt from this experience was to remain content in life. The company of the kids proved that one does not need expensive possessions to be happy. Real happiness lies in little joys of our life.  

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