Banking Information for Farmers by LEAD Chandrika P

Posted on Sunday, January 17, 2016 by LEAD

LEADer Chandrika P from DRM Science College had heard a lot about the stress of farming, even as serious as to cause some farmers to commit suicide over financial issues due to crop failure, disease, or poor weather. She realized that finances were extremely fickle for farmers, and she wanted to help provide information that would help them through basic money problems.

Chandrika talked to the banks and gathered materials and knowledge to share with the farmers. The banks were not extremely helpful or prepared to help those who were uneducated, but Chandrika found the information she needed and found new ways to present it.

Chandrika approached over 50 farmers, offering information and guidance as to how to use basic bank functions such as applying for loans, using checks, and special programs and accounts designed for farmers. Many of these farmers had little-to-no experience in banking, and were appreciative of learning about certain banking features that would be specifically helpful in their livelihood.

While it was a challenge to bridge the gap between the banking world and the farming world, as well as address the possibility and reality of financial issues with farmers, Chandrika feels good about making a difference in her community.

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