Safe Waste Management with LEADer Deepika Lokare

Posted on Saturday, January 16, 2016 by LEAD

It is a reality many villages have: no waste management. Waste spread on the sides of the roads, unhygienic drainage and streams, and litter everywhere. However, LEADer Deepika Lokare from Smt. A. A. Patil Womens College actually did something about it in her village.

First, she obtained approval of her project from local authorities and officials in Hirekodi. Then, work began to digs pots for waste and tipper trucks come to collect through the MNREGA government scheme. Slowly but surely, waste is being diverted out of the streets and drains and into the pots.

Deepika also focused on spreading awareness of hygiene and the importance of waste management among her villagers, convincing them to participate in the clean-up of their village.

Through this project, Deepika has not only gained more knowledge about government schemes are how they work, but has only forged more bonds within her community and gained self-confidence. Her community is very appreciative of her efforts, and she now feels motivated and that nothing is impossible.

Getting MNREGA scheme approval
Talking to the villagers about the project

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