Mobile Dry Seeder with LEADer Sharad Patil

Posted on Saturday, January 16, 2016 by LEAD

When asked about what problem his LEAD project aimed to solve, LEADer Sharad Patil from Dr. M.S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology produced a list of 11 issues that farmers face that his Mobile Dry Seeder addresses.

Real-world testing by a farmer near Chandgad
This relatively simple, yet challenging to design practically and properly according to Sharad, is a portable device which carries 15-20 kg of fertilizer or seeds. This device does the work of 4 labourers at once, but also does it twice as fast as the average human being can sow fertilizer or seeds. While originally the project aimed to simply help farmers to sow seeds more efficiently, the final product also addresses issues including weed growth, seed wastage, and high equipment and maintenance costs.

Obtaining certification from
University of Agricultural Science, Dharwad
In testing, Sharad's Mobile Dry Seeder increased crop yield by 30-40%, reduced labour costs by 75%, reduced seed expenses by 15%, and reduced fertilizer expenses by 25%. It is therefore no surprise Sharad was one of three winners at TALAASH 2015, a LEAD event that aimed to identify students with a desire to turn their technical ideas into a start-up. As his prize, Sharad received Rs. 1,00,000/- in seed funding from Nanopix and start-up incubation support from Deshpande Foundation's Sandbox Startups.

With his TALAASH winnings as well as a small amount of funding from LEAD,  he has managed to produce 18 mobile dry seeders currently being used by farmers, and is in the process of patenting his device so it can be mass produced and available to all farmers.

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