Caring for Villagers' Hearts by LEADer Thirupati Reddy

Posted on Saturday, January 09, 2016 by LEAD

Thirupati Reddy, a LEADer from Government Polytechnic College, Rajagopalpet, Siddipet, learned in a LEAD workshop that we could help him turn his ideas into action.
Each day he was seeing many people in his village and nearby villages taking medicines for heart problems, but there was no proper equipment nearby to check the heart patients.
He decided to take action, and hoped to take care of 4-5 patients check up. Instead, he found many many more who need help. Therefore, he came up with an idea of a free medical clinic camp with heart check up/treatment.

With help from seven doctors from Prime Hospital in Hyderabad, he organized and executed the medical camp. While he asked friends for support, not one friend showed up. However, he was not swayed and he led the health clinic successfully and confidently. 201 patients benefitted from heart check-ups, blood pressure check-ups, sugar check-ups, and general check-ups as well as free medicine.

Even without a surpanch or friends to support him, Tirupathi's project was a success and villagers appreciated him for his concern.


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