Yoga for Health of Students by LEADer Vaishnavi Hatrote

Posted on Sunday, January 10, 2016 by LEAD

LEADer Vaishnavi Hatrote, from KLEMSSCET in Belgaum, felt that today's society was lacking peace and happiness. From her belief that physical, mental, and spiritual problems can be helped through yoga, she wanted to share those benefits with others.

Trying to establish a yoga programme for the students at her college was difficult because many shared the perspective that yoga is an obsolete practice. However, she persevered and has now benefitted almost 200 individuals with her yoga programme, including encouraging them to continue the practice as a part of their everyday life, especially to deal with the stress of being a student.

Vaishnavi plans to continue this project and keep sharing this passion as she becomes more educated about it. She says that "sharing what you have," in her case it is yoga knowledge, "will make you more enriched and content."

She also hopes to become an entrepreneur in the future, and used yoga to keep her health high and stress low during this journey.

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