Generating Electricity through Driving with LEADer Darshan Belagavi

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2016 by LEAD

LEADer Darshan Belagavi from VSMIT Nipani knew all about the energy crisis. "In this modern age, more and more energy is required for daily consumption in all walks of life. Sources and quantum of fossil energy are dwindling day by day and getting exhausted at very fast rate. ... There is crying need for production of energy from non conventional sources at the earliest availability."

Instead of just being concerned about this, this LEADer took initiative to come up with a product that could help to address this issue. 

By installing a small wind turbine in strategic locations on the exterior of fast-moving vehicles that travel long distances, Darshan can convert the wind energy within the turbines from mechanical energy to electrical energy that can be immediately used or stored in a battery. 

When asked what his biggest challenge was, Darshan was honest: "from beginning to end, this project was a challenge". This project involved Darshan having to learn many new skills, including skills he can continue to use throughout his college, career, and life.

So far, Darshan has raised over 3 times the funding he received from LEAD, and has implemented his wind turbine device on 10 buses. Using only 1 dynamo, Darshan managed to produce up to 95 volts. He eventually hopes to mount up to 20 dynamos at a time to create more electricity and a bigger impact.

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