Improving Bus Stops with LEADer Shweta Khinnavar

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2016 by LEAD

The four main bus stops in Dharamveer Shambhaji Circle in Belgaum were in bad condition. They looked bad, were dirty, and did not provide any information for bus travellers as to what buses would arrive or where they would take them.

LEADer Shweta K and her 40+ person team from Maratha Mandal Engineering College took it upon themselves to help these bus travellers. With a small amount of funding from LEAD as well as money they fundraised themselves, Shweta and her team cleaned the bus stops, made small repairs, and re-painted them. They also wrote on the bus stands the destinations and bus numbers that visited the stop.

However, they learned it is hard to please everyone. Some people complained that the bus information was not written in their regionally language, or demanded different spelling or different destinations be written according to their own needs and desires, rather than the official information in the official languages.          

Despite these challenges from passersby, the team persevered and felt successful because they now see more people sitting in the stop (whereas before, people would stand outside) and being more assured in their bus transportation routes.

This project also received media and community attention including praise from the NWKRTC. They hope to expand by making more community improvements within the Swatchcha Bharat Abhiyan movement.


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