Hygienic Pani Puri with LEADer Nethravathi G V

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2016 by LEAD

LEADer Nethravathi G V, from DRM Science College in Davangere, is a science student passionate about health and hygiene. She knew small changes can make a big difference when it comes to clean, safe food.

After doing more research into hygiene in street food, Nethravathi contacted local pani puri sellers and talked with them about the importance of food safety in their carts. She had to convince them to go against the norms and take an additional cost in order to make their food cart more hygienic. Once convinced, she would sell them hand gloves at a low cost.

So far, she has spoken about food safety and sold hand gloves to over 30 pani puri sellers in Davangere.

She hopes to inform the public as well about food safety so there is a demand for more hygienic practices for street food vendors. In the future, she also wants to extend her project to discuss the importance of eating healthy and fresh foods over packaged junk food.

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