Water for Stray Animals with LEADer Bhavana V

Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 by LEAD

A true animal lover, LEADer Bhavana Vyas from Nishitha Degree College and her team installed cement drinking pots for the many animals she sees hanging around the weekly bazaar.

The cement pots are located both close to where the animals arrive but also close to water taps, and Nishitha has forged agreements with nearby vegetable sellers for them to regularly fill the pots for the animals.

"Animals don't speak like us, and I wanted to help them in living a long life by providing water", says Bhavana. The cement pots were bought at a low-cost, but providing these animals with fresh drinking water will help to keep them healthy.

Since installing the pots, Bhavana regularly checks the area and has been very happy to see that they are regularly being filled by both shop owners and regular shoppers at the bazaar.

Bhavana credits this project and the LEAD program for teaching her coordination and delegation skills, but also how to interact with the public and convince them to help with the cause in any way they can. 

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