LEader Sukhvinder Singh, Vijay Rural Engineering College, Siddipet

Posted on Friday, January 01, 2016 by LEAD

LEader Sukhvinder Singh from Vijay Rural Engineering College has adopted a school and renovated it. This has been implemented at GUPS Bharkatpura School. The outcome for this lead is phenomenal and around 250 local students of the school were benefited by this action.
Leader quotes that: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. 
- Nelson Mandela

LEader Sukhvinder was concerned about the problems of school students. He is determined to clean and renovate the school. The further step taken by the leader is to form a team and locate the place of the problem. The leader found ‘GUPS Bharkatpura School’ and started the operation. They’ve done white wash and painting for the black board. The dustbin was provided & notice board is also installed.

The entire team worked hard in spreading the awareness on importance of school education. The team had made their entire effort to clean the surroundings of the school premises. The School Head Master have endorsed the team. People also appreciated the spirit of the team. The entire team was contented that numerous students will have ease to attend the school joyfully.

The challenges faced during the action period was taking a leap and coordinating own team members.The most memorable experience with this initiative is the aid that has been provided to the school students by the successful completion of the project. Proactive work of the leader and team members propelled the initiative.  
The leader and team members have understood the Cohesiveness, Social Problems and Leadership Skills from this initiative. He also thinks that this task should be carried forward and spread to all the parts of the state.

LEader Sukhvinder and his team are happy with their initiative and thankful to LEAD for imparting a platform for their ideas. The only concern the leader have now is to take this initiative to greater impact.

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