Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

Posted on Monday, October 05, 2009 by LEAD

2nd of October is celebrated by the world as “World Nonviolence Day”, the same day which is known as “Gandhi Jayanti” in India. It is the day on which the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi was born. The day has its own importance because his contribution to Indians was significantly praiseworthy. He was “Bapu”(FATHER in Hindi) to all the citizens of India who were in the clutches of British. Truth and Ahimsa were his weapons of war.
LEADers from Deshpande Foundation celebrated the day by organizing a recreational event for the inmates of Sub jail, Hubli. Radhakrishna Nayak the alumni of JG College of Commerce coordinated the event with LEAD core team and the Campus Ambassadors from different colleges to make it a successful event. It took a week’s planning and hard work to prepare for the event for the day.
It was an off-beat experience for us to visit a jail and seeing its inmates. Tall iron doors and small cells were weary to look at. Only 17 of us were allowed to enter the jail for security reasons. Cell phones were also prohibited. Only cameras were let in with a condition to take pictures only of the event. The program manager of LEAD Ms. Megha Hegde was present with us at the time of event.
The event was inaugurated by the jailer Shri Moolimani who expressed his thought on life and achievements of Mahatma Gandhi. He focused on how the weapon of Satya and Ahimsa became the strongest force of nation to defeat the English dictators. Event began with invocation song by Reshma followed by the performance by the team of Mumtaz, Netravati and Reshma who presented some patriotic songs. Then it was the turn of the LEADers from IBMR who performed an excellent skit showing Ramayana with the characters from today’s world. The event worked as a great tool of entertainment to them. There were around 100 inmates including 10 women prisoners who enjoyed throughout the event. The most interesting part of the event was that the inmates of the sub jail participated actively when they were given a chance to express their talents. Amazingly some of them could sing really well.
Some refreshments were provided to the inmates at the end of the event. We are grateful to all the sub jail officials who gave us an opportunity to serve to the prisoners. We feel satisfied for we could entertain and interact with the inmates on the occasion.

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