Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 by Geeta hegde

Place:  Lakshminarasimha High School Salkani, Sirsi.
Date and time: 10th June 2011:3.30pm to 5.30pm
                         11th June 2011:9.30am to   12.30am
Just last week, as I was walking, I thought to myself  I need to do something new. I then saw one high school where the students were playing a leadership game. Then I thought, Why can't we start a junior LEAD? I could hold a leadership session for high schoolers and encourage junior LEADers!
I went to the school and introduced the LEAD Program to  the Principal of  the high school. He was impressed by our program and alloted me two days to conduct a leadership session  for 10thstandard students.
I conducted this session  on the 10th and 11th of June, 2011 for 65 10th standard students of Lakshminarasimha High School Salkani., Sirsi.
 The first day my leadership session started with an introduction of myself to students and I listened to their expectation about the two-day session. I received good responses from the students  the session was very interactive.
I did  a stick game and acting game which made students to easily understand importance of team work, concentration on work and effective  listening. They enjoyed the game and also understood morel of the playing stick game.
Second day I divided those 65 students in five group and brain storm the new idea and made them to present their idea in front  of their peer group. By this session five ideas were generated and 5 junior leaders were shaped!!  
Student picked the 5 local problems  which they saw in their localities. I gave them 15 days time to complete their LEAD projects and I am looking forward  how successful our junior leaders  shall be!!

End of the session I asked to student and faculties to give their feedback .Than one of the faculty said that as teacher we forgot to teach student in creatively and some off the portion they neglected growth leadership qualities of the student. By this session they learnt they should adopt to teach students creatively and innovatively.  They were happy to support our junior LEADers.
Students also gave positive feed back about this session and now they were confident  to ask question and share their idea with in their peer group, and during presentation. They are happy seeing the transformation themselves as LEADers.