LEader Bhavana Vyas, Nishitha Degree College, Nizamabad

Posted on Friday, January 01, 2016 by LEAD

LEader Bhavana Vyas from Nishitha Degree College has taken an initiative for the ‘Provision of Water to the Stray Animals.’ This has been implemented at Weekly Bazar Phulang X Roads. The outcome for this lead is so delightful, around 90 to 100 animal’s daily approach those Cement water pots and fulfill their thirst

Leader quotes that :
“If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”- Francis of Assisi. 

LEader Bhavana was concerned about the problems of vagrant animals. She is determined to aid the Stray animals. The further step taken by the leader is to form a team of five members and locate the place of the problem. The leader found ‘Weekly Bazar’ and started the operation.

The entire team members brought the Cement pots and placed them at weekly bazar. The Local elders & Head’s consent has been taken. The Cement pots were placed near the Gate where all the animals arrive. The Cement pots were filled with the water by the nearby water taps. Team members have requested the vegetable sellers to fill the water into the pots, twice or thrice a day. The challenges faced during the action period were transportation and educating the local people regarding the task. 
The most memorable experience with this initiative is the help that has been provided by the local people. People joined with the leader and team members to fill the water into the Pots. People assured the leader that they will continue to provide water to the animal’s every day. Bhavana went to that place after few days and she found that people kept their oath and more animals begin to come to fulfill their thirst.

The leader and team members have understood the Time management, Delegation of authority and Sociability from this initiative. She also thinks that this task should be carried forward and spread to all parts of Nizamabad. 

LEader Bhavana and her team are happy with their initiative and thankful to LEAD for imparting a platform for their ideas. The only concern the leader have now is to take this initiative to greater impact.